You have found the service that will make your betting life easy!!

Offering you 3 FREE BETS to start things off is a way of proving to you that we are a genuine service that will provide you a high volume of sensibly priced winners. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that with the right information, you can earn a second income from betting on horses and in time like several of my avid followers, you can use betting as your mainstream income and better the life you live!

We are not asking you to start off with three £500 bets as we are too long in the tooth to be naïve enough to think that your trust will be gained in the ten minutes it takes to browse our site, but the 3 FREE BETS will be the perfect start to this process.

When we provide a horse to you, there will always be a brief description of why we are backing the horse and after every race we provide our views on the outcome…win, lose or draw! This way our supporters get an insight in to how we operate and can really feel the confidence we have in our gambles and then our opinions on the horse’s performance after it has run. Obviously opinions differ in this sport and you are always welcome to contact us with yours, knowing your contact will be dealt with by someone with an expert knowledge of the game! We do not go into hiding if a horse gets beat, we dust ourselves down and ready the next winner.

Simply fill in the form above and before you know it, you will be backing up to three winners a week and loving every minute of it!

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Saturday 7th

No bet today but we finished the week with a real bang as we landed a nice cross card double. This sets us up nicely for next week and the membership line continues to provide consistent winners. 6 bets 3 wins, 2 losses and a N/R.

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"I was going to wash my hands with racing information online and over the phone because there are far to many sharks in the business and they have cost me a fortune over the years when decided to give 3FREEBETS.com a chance…WOW, I have never looked back!
The consistency of winners is what I have searched a life time for and the information just gets better and better. Thank you, Clive"

Clive T

"I have followed horse racing since my grandfather showed me the ropes some 35 years ago and I love placing my bet on a weekend then sitting back and enjoying the days sport but never made a penny! Then one day a friend of mine told me about 3 free bets because he was making a decent profit every week. Since the initial free trial (2 winners and a 3rd) I have joined on a membership basis and over the moon with how things have gone. I advise anyone looking for winners to join. JW"

Jennifer W

"I take my betting very seriously and my knowledge on the horses is very good but upon calling the office I could not believe when the chap I spoke to had the knowledge only an expert would have. This had me brimming with confidence and upon finishing my successful free trial I decided to join long term. Best decision one has ever made! Mr Ward-Clakre"

Thomas Ward-Clarke

"I have searched for six years, being promised the world in the process, to find somebody who can produce enough winners for me to give up my manual labour job. I am four months in and the tools are gone!! Big thanks from my over worked back lol lol"

Wayne R

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