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Here at 3freebets.com, we off you the highest quality horse racing information at the most competitive of prices! As we are one of the countries leading horse racing advisory services, we are able to offer ALL new clients a FREE 3 HORSE INTRODUCTION to prove our credentials.

Our winning team has been put together over the last 15 years and consists of some of the UK’s best tipsters. This team of experts has no less than 58 years making their living from backing winners and as we set our standards so high...if a member of the team under performs for two consecutive months, they are put on a months probation period. If they fail this...they are removed from the team - this is how we remain as the best information service in the country!!


We ONLY bet to win and are not in the business of laying horses, the money you make from a successful lay bet is peanuts to what you will make from our healthily priced and frequent win only bets.

The way to make money on a regular basis is to hand pick the right type of gamble and by placing a maximum of 3 bets A WEEK. Most other services will offer you their 'Nap of the day' or ‘Best bet of the month’ etc etc, but this is the information you KNOW has been chosen from the newspaper with a blunt pin and will be a disaster to follow.

The minimum price of our gambles will be even money and there is no limit to the maximum price. Our bets are ALWAYS A WIN BET because we only deal in the biggest and best gambles in town and we don't need to hedge our bets and hope for the each way money to save our bacon!!

I do not check results on a percentage strike rate basis...I look at the POINTS PROFIT we have made. This is to make it clear to clients EXACTLY how much we are WINNING! When you are told of a strike rate this could mean you have made hardly any profit or even still losing money. For example - If you were told an advisor had a 60% from 15 horses and they were all 1/10...it's a pointless exercise. If you are told you are showing 25 points profit from 15 gambles that shows you are making money!


Upon completion of your 3 FREE BETS your pockets will be bulging and you will be ready for more. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS CALL THE OFFICE ON 0845 619 4150 or EMAIL US info@3freebets.com where one of our happy efficient staff will provide you the details on how to secure your place in the squad!

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