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Be familiar with the horse race regulations before placing the bets

Are you passionate about horse racing? Does the thrill, tension, crowd, yelling at the horse race ground excite you? Well, if yes then you are kind of into it. Though, a part of the spectators of horse racing come in the ground to enjoy the excitement, majority of the people come here to try their fortune. It is the first ever sport where putting money for gambling was legal. The tradition is going on strong even today. People are equally enthusiastic and interested in this sport like before. Since the 18th century, this sport has been entertaining as well as providing opportunity to earn money to the viewers.

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Besides having fun and earning money, it’s a good time pass as well. You can easily hang out with your family or with someone special out there. It costs you much less money compare to the entry fees of other sports. Even there are grounds where the entry is absolutely free. It is an adventurous experience indeed. However let’s come to the center topic. Take a quick look at the betting rules and regulations before getting into the tips and all.


As per the rules of the game, there are basically two categories of wager to choose from when it comes to place the bets. In the first category that is straight wagers, anybody is allowed to place bet only for one horse. Inexperienced or especially the newbie are advised to stick to this method. Exotic wager that is the second category lets you to place bets for multiple horses. It is much difficult than the former procedure and requires skill and experience in this field. It is for the experts basically. Moreover, it costs more money though; the payout is much higher than the straight wager method.

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Different types of straight wager are: WIN – Here one bets for the first position. If the horse comes in the first position, the bettor gets his money.

PLACE – Bets are placed for the first and second position. If the horse finishes in either first or second position, you as a bettor get your money. Since the odds of winning is higher, the payout is less than ‘WIN’.


SHOW – Bets are placed for the first three positions. If your horse finishes anywhere between these three positions, you get your money. Chances of winning are even more hence the payouts will be even lesser.

Lots of other procedures of placing the bets are there but it requires sufficient amount of knowledge about the sport. Without that there is no point of talking about it. If you are from UK and want to avail free horse racing tips, numerous betting sites are there to serve your purpose. Many of the popular betting sites provide regular tips on betting. These tips are based on extensive research work and previous data. Other than that various software for calculation and prediction are also available on these sites. It helps you to increase the chances of your winning. All right, so now you know the different types of betting and the way to get yourself accustomed with the present happenings of the field. You are on your own now. Have a profitable betting.