Prize money problems in the UK

Anyone who has ever been involved with owning a racehorse knows that the bills are high if you want your horse trained by someone with a good reputation in the sport. When you hit the top end of the training ranks the bills are more than a high percentage of owners are willing to spend leaving the ‘lesser’ known trainers to get their chance.

With prize money being so low in the majority of races, the lesser known owners are all scrapping for every pound of prize money they can win. The only other way they can get their training bills paid directly from the sport is by landing a gamble on their horse. This is a very very risky option because if the horses does do not do the expected job, you lose twice!!

This causes problems when you have horses that are entered into races with the sole purpose of running poorly in the hope their handicap mark will be reduced. This can also be a very costly way of preparing a horse for a future gamble.

prize money UK horse racing

I feel this has both a positive and negative outcome on racing. Firstly looking from a positive side it opens up opportunities for new trainers to enter to feel their way into a long and successful career, the prime example of this is the recent rise of David O’Meara. On a negative platform I think it leaves a very big gap between the high profile owners to the recreational owners.

I have noticed over the years that owning horses makes NO DIFFERENCE to the amount of winners you can back in a season and my latest experience of this was one that cost a large sum of money and didn’t show a profit.

If you have been an owner or are looking to become one then please feel free to comment on this article and along with myself, others will answer any questions you have.