Should a horse be allowed to run?

have always been a firm believer that any horse that gets free before the start of the race should be withdrawn and have seen on countless occasions where horses have run after getting free and punters have done their money after 50 yards!!

horse rece UKObviously if a horse offloads a jockey and does not bolt then the jockey should have every right to re-mount the horse and take part in the race, my problem is when the horse has bolted and run 1, 2, 3 or an even bigger volume of furlongs more than the others before being caught. I know the vet has a quick look over the horse to make sure there is no serious damage but for me personally, the energy spent when bolting puts the horse at a disadvantage.

I know owners have paid money for their horses to be entered for a race, the trainer has spent time preparing the horse, the jockey loses a ride and the chance of prize money has been lost if the horse is withdrawn but my view is from the eyes of a punter. When backing a horse I want every ADVANTAGE not every DISADVANTAGE thrown my way.

This is a topic that I know several people from all levels within the sport have discussed in length but the rule never seems to change and the ‘problem’ persists.

If you have a different view on this situation then please feel free to leave a comment.