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Welcome to your weekly MEMBERS BETS update at 3 FREE BETS – Monday 16th December.

Monday 2nd

We started the week by backing THE BLUE DOG, which duly obliged at 7/4. This horse was one we were told to keep an eye on, as it would be turned out quickly AND WOULD WIN!!

Tuesday 3rd

TATTING 3rd 9/4 – This horse was in cracking form going into the race and we fully expected the chestnut gelding to go in again, but it wasn’t meant to be as Shelley Birkett pushed the button and the horse was squeezed out. Frustrating result but members were told that Friday will be a huge day!

Wednesday 4th

GREGORI 3rd – Another horse than was subject to an almighty gamble but unfortunately on the day the horse was not good enough. We could analyse the race for hours and look for excuses but that will never change the result and its better to draw a line under it and move on.

Thursday 5th

No bet today but members were told to call the membership line tomorrow for THREE BETS!!

Friday 6th

The day has arrived and we are looking to land a treble! Bet 1 was TEE IT UP TOMMO (1st) and this horse run riot and was backed into odds on – one of the days steamers. Bet 2 was DUTCH RIFLE (N/R) and this horse was withdrawn just after lunch time, no reasoning as of yet but there will be another day for that one. Bet 3 was THE BLUE DOG (1st) this horse did not let our followers down and as it got the job done with the minimum of fuss. That was 3 bets – 2 wins and a N/R and this was another successful week!

Saturday 7th

No bet today but we finished the week with a real bang as we landed a nice cross card double. This sets us up nicely for next week and the membership line continues to provide consistent winners. 6 bets 3 wins, 2 losses and a N/R. Thanks, 3freebets.com

Your next update will be online for 10.30am Monday 20th January!!

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